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Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Here we have a book that deals with the topic of extremists hiding under the guise of religious freedoms in America.

New York Detective John Ward falls victim to the climate of political correctness when he is falsely accused of harassing a person of middle eastern descent. This leads to his termination and he heads back to Colorado, where his ex-wife and daughter are living.

Once he gets to the town of Basalt, he begins to uncover a group of folks masquerading as upstanding, peace-loving Muslims. Of course they are not and with the discovery of what these terrorists are intending to do, Ward goes on the offensive fighting ON American soil FOR American soil. Sometimes you go to the fight and other times the fight comes to you.

This is an intriguing read about a “what if” scenario, which is similar in nature to HOME INVASION, the previous political thriller from the prolific word processors of William W. Johnstone and J.A. Johnstone.

Not going to ruin it here for you by writing more about the book except to say that it does have an awesome ending. It will make you think, too, which is part of its charm. Highly recommended.