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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Robert Klane’s classic book WHERE’S POPPA? deals largely with the frustration attorney Gordon Hochheiser has in living with his demented mother (who may not really be all that demented). He spends so much time taking care of her that he continually blows his court cases. His life is falling apart.

Then he meets Louise, a potential client, and becomes enamored of her. Things do not go well when he tries to introduce her to Mama.

This was made into the classic 1971 comedy with George Segal, Ruth Gordon and the wonderful Ron Liebman. Like the book, the movie is PAINFULLY funny.

Mr. Klane was kind enough to autograph this book to me, via the postal service, back in 1985. He went on to write the screenplay for WEEKEND AT BERNIE’S and directed the second one, WEEKEND AT BERNIE’S II.

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  1. The most brutal movie ever made.