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Thursday, July 15, 2010


Along with JOHNNY SOKKO, this was required viewing for every kid I knew. In St. Louis, this show used to alternate with the SOKKO program on KDNL, Channel 30 sometime in the early 70s.

To my regret, I have never been able to find the 2nd volume to this series – nor any other after that. Oh, well, at least I have this one. JOHNNY SOKKO never made it onto DVD as far as I know. Not in any “official” or “recognized” capacity that I’ve been able to find, anyway.

You should be able to get this set from MILL CREEK ENTERTAINMENT for a reasonable cost nowadays. Well worth if you remember this program with any fondness at all.

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  1. I picked this set up last Christmas, along with a set of 1,000 old commercials. I am still enjoying both! I never saw this series as a kid, so I am catching up on it now and enjoying it a lot.