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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Don’t really have much to say about DAMAGED GOODS or THE HARD ROAD because I haven’t seen either of them yet after having bought this movie 5+ years ago. Instead, I’ve been more interested in the trailers and the sex ed shorts included.

The trailers have to do with runaway girls and teen tramps.

The short subject films are: THE INNOCENT PARTY (which I’ve seen on other DVDs before) and VD!, an unflinching look at this crisis.

However, the crown jewel in this set is a slideshow of “Pitch” books sold at “educational” showings of films such as these. There is a narration by Sex Hygienist E. J. Schaefer which was played over drive-in speakers during intermissions.

E. J. Schaefer was probably not a real sex hygienist; usually the producers of the movie shown – or someone who worked for them – would assume the persona of the “expert” to pitch the books they had published on sexual conduct (and misconduct – which probably sold better).

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