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Saturday, October 16, 2010


Tim Sullivan returns to helm 2001 MANIACS – FIELD OF SCREAMS, the follow-up to his remake of the Hershell Gordon Lewis classic 2000 MANIACS.

Robert Englund does NOT reprise his role as Mayor George W. Buckman here. Instead we have the wonderful Bill Moseley filling in quite nicely for Robert. That’s good for me because Mr. Moseley is one of my cult movie heroes.

We do get to enjoy the wonderful Lin Shaye again as Granny Boone, though. Granny is the same woman from the first movie who didn’t allow swearing at her dinner table and insisted on thanking the Lord for their bountiful feast (someone’s roasted rump was amongst the dishes on the table). Yet Granny has no problem saying the word “Motherfucker” in this movie. Gotta love that Granny!

Plenty of fun stuff here including some not-so-well disguised caricatures of Paris Hilton and her sister, a mock-up of the Lincoln Assassination, someone who doesn’t get to say “cheese” while getting his picture taken and Granny Boone’s hysterical parody of the song, “Maniac” (from FLASHDANCE) which she calls “Cannibal”.

Well done, Tim! This is one of those horror-comedy movies that ends really well. We’ll probably see the Ghostly Southern Maniacs again – as long as they keep killing and eating really obnoxious, annoying Northerners, I say let ‘em keep on doing it. Here’s wishing a special “Bon Appetit” to the citizens of Pleasant Valley!

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