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Monday, March 21, 2011


A young man with a fascination for the life and crimes against humanity of Vlad the Impaler (more commonly referred to as “Dracula”), has taken dealing with those who annoy him in much the same way as his hero, Vlad Tepes.

Gregory Funaro’s first book, THE SCULPTOR, was one of the most unusual serial killer books I’d read in a long time. THE IMPALER, in much the same way, was equally as captivating.

There is a great deal of background information on the killer who becomes known as “The Impaler” in the media contained more than halfway through the book. I like this sort of thing because it helps me get an insight on what make the Impaler (Edmund Lambert) tick.

Couple of uncomfortable moments in the book with regards to describing the impalement, but I figure if you’re going to buy a book called THE IMPALER, you should probably expect to encounter some grotesque images flash through your brain as you read certain parts of the book.

This one is one of the better books on serial killers that I’ve read in a long time. If this is your cup of tea as well, I highly recommend this one.

Can’t wait to see what Mr. Funaro’s next suspense novel will be.

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