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Friday, June 17, 2011


We’re talkin’ ‘bout the unforgettable Jeff Goldblum/Geena Davis from 1986 here.

Found this one in a used bin at Blockbuster and snatched it right up, surprised that no one got to it before I did.

I’ll never forget the first time seeing this one because Karen became ill right afterward at the theatre. Neither of us expected it to be as graphic and nightmarish as it was. Since that time, I usually have to screen a horror film ahead of time so that I can warn Karen when something upsetting is about to occur.

It’s the extras disc that really provides some interesting information about THE FLY, though. There are the requisite chats with stars Goldblum and Davis, but also with John Getz, who played Geena’s editor in the movie – and who loses a foot and hand to the acid-like Fly barf that Seth lovingly horks upon them.

There are, of course, deleted scenes, too. One scene in particular was a bit much to take – it involved Seth’s evolving cruelty and something called “the catmonkey”. ‘Nuff said on that level. There is also a number filmed epilogues that didn’t make the cut, either.

The version I have is an anniversary edition of THE FLY, so this is why all the goodies came with it.

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